Other Cutlery

If you are renting table cutlery like knives, forks and spoons for your event, you will probably also require some supporters such as serving spoons, salad servers or butter knives, or a specialty item such as steak knives or fish knives.

Butter Blade (Pack of 10)
£2.20 Product code : TW10
Steak Knife Wooden Handle
£0.26 Product code : TW12
Serving Spoon Large - Meridia
£0.25 Product code : TW20
Serving Fork Large - Meridia
£0.25 Product code : TW21
Cheese Knife
£0.26 Product code : TW11
Long Spoon (Pack of 10)
£2.60 Product code : TW13
Seafood Fork (Pack of 10)
£2.00 Product code : TW14
MORE Cutlery
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