Tea, Coffee & Cake

Tea, Coffee & Cake.  Breakfast, mid-morning break or at the end of your event, tea or coffee is always welcome. Cups and saucers or mugs? White china or glass teapot? Cafetiere or coffee pot? Espresso or latte? Urns and percolators. Everything you need for tea and coffee service is ready and waiting.

Cake Tray 3 Tier Steel
£5.30 Product code : ST12S
Cake Tray 3 Tier Glass
£8.50 Product code : ST12
Double Wall Espresso Glass Cup
£0.30 Product code : SG15
Coffee Mug Slimline
£0.23 Product code : TWE19
Coffee Mug Classic White
£0.19 Product code : TWE18
Teapot - Classic White
£1.90 Product code : TWE16
Glass teapot with diffuser
£2.50 Product code : TWE26
£3.90 Product code : SW54
Coffee Pot Classic White
£1.90 Product code : TWE17
Milk Jug Large White
£1.00 Product code : SW57
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