Platters & Serving Bowls

Platters & Serving Bowls.  Presentation is so important for food.  You have to consider ease of use for guests, temperature, portion size and serving practicalities.  Large and small, glass, white, slate, wood, round, square, rectangle.  We hire them all!

Low Glass Bowl 27cm
£3.90 Product code : TWM12
Snack Bowl 15 cms
£0.65 Product code : TWM01
Small Bowl 20 cms
£1.85 Product code : TWM02
Serving Bowl 28cm
£3.30 Product code : TWM03
Serving Bowl 33cm White
£3.90 Product code : TWM04
Buffet/Serving Bowl Oval 25cm
£2.85 Product code : TWM06
Buffet/Serving Bowl Angled 20cm
£2.95 Product code : TWM07
Glass Salad Bowl 30cm
£3.90 Product code : TWM13
Gastro Platter
£5.50 Product code : TWM29
Rectangle Platter Large
£4.60 Product code : TWM27
Rectangle Plate 31cm x 18cm
£0.75 Product code : TWM26
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