Canapés and Bowl Food

Presentation is so important for food, especially for canapes and bite-sized numbers.  You have to consider ease of use for guests, temperature, portion size and serving practicalities. We hire out spoons, forks, small trays, little plates and white or black canape bowls for bowl food.

Canapé Bowl Round Small White
£0.30 Product code : SW30W
Canapé Bowl Round Large White
£0.35 Product code : SW30WL
Canape Bowl Black
£0.40 Product code : SW30B
Canapé Bowl Round Coloured
£0.40 Product code : SW30
Canape Bowl Square Glass
£0.40 Product code : SW30SQG
Canapé Bowl Square Coloured
£0.30 Product code : SW30PL
Snack Bowl 15 cms
£0.65 Product code : TWM01
Small Bowl 20 cms
£1.85 Product code : TWM02
Canapé/Cake Fork Rattail
£0.22 Product code : TW01
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