Red Carpet

Red Carpet.  Add a touch of Hollywood to your event with a red carpet entrance complete with stanchions, red ropes and signs. This section also has our easels which we mostly hire out for weddings and other events that need a tableplan at the entrance.  But if you'd like to take one sketching, that's fine too.

Red Carpet Custom Cut
£6.20 Product code : EN28
Barrier Post / Stanchion
£5.50 Product code : EN26
Double Sided Tape
£11.00 Product code : EN29
Stanchion Sign
£1.30 Product code : EN27
Ropes Red Twisted 1.5m
£4.50 Product code : EN31R
Ropes Red Plaited 1.5m
£4.50 Product code : EN30R
Ropes Black Plaited 1.5m
£4.50 Product code : EN30
Easel Metal
£6.60 Product code : EN64
Easel Wood
£5.90 Product code : EN20
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