Recycling & Bins

Recycling & Bins.  We can take the rubbish or recycling containers away full, or you can use the bins and return them empty after your event.  How many you need depends on the length of the event, number of guests and format - drinks served, food and so on.  Give us a call if you'd like to talk it through.

Wheeled Bottle Bin 70 cms Square
£6.00 Product code : BR64
Wheeled Bottle Bin 56 cms Square
£6.00 Product code : BR63
Wheeled Bottle Bin Rectangle
£8.00 Product code : BW63R
Slim Jim Rubbish Bin
£3.90 Product code : BW64
Bin Liner Standard 10 Pack
£2.80 Product code : CBB
Slim Jim Rubbish Bin Dolly
£1.00 Product code : BW64D
Brute Rubbish Bin
£3.90 Product code : BW65
Bin Liner Heavy Duty 10 Pack
£4.90 Product code : CBH
Brute Rubbish Bin Dolly
£1.00 Product code : BW66
Recycling Wheelie Bin 120L
£4.50 Product code : RW20
Recycling Wheelie Bin 240 Litre
£8.00 Product code : RW01
Wheelie Bin Liner Pack of 13
£6.90 Product code : CBW
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