Jugs, Decanters & Beer

Jugs, Decanters & Beer.  Guests really appreciate easy access to lots of water and our classic jugs look good at any event. For a special wine or port, a decanter sets off the aroma and the colour. And let’s not forget pint glasses or traditional pint mugs.

Glass Jug - Classic
£1.30 Product code : GW01
Glass Decanter Crystal - Gala
£3.90 Product code : GW50
Glass Cocktail Jug - No Handles
£1.70 Product code : GW03
Glass Cocktail Jug - Stirrer Only
£0.70 Product code : GW03-S
Glass Jug Classic 500ml
£1.00 Product code : GW01H
Glass Punch Bowl
£10.00 Product code : GW60T
Punch Bowl Ladle
£0.70 Product code : GW60L
Half Pint Glass
£0.21 Product code : SG06H
Pint Glass Straight Sided
£0.21 Product code : SG06
Stemmed Beer Glass 500ml
£0.35 Product code : SG06EU
Beer Mug Full Pint
£0.35 Product code : SG06FOS
Beer Mug Half Pint
£0.33 Product code : SG06HOS
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