Cocktails & Shots

Cocktails & Shots.  Cocktails! Our stunning range of glasses really show off the colours and ingredients of cocktails. Are you serving margaritas, martinis, shots or pina coladas?  Then you'll probably need to hire just the right glass for your event. And our pretty shot glasses are also great for desserts, soup and other canapes.

Martini Glass - Classic Cabernet
£0.30 Product code : MG02
Curved Shot Glass Atoll
£0.30 Product code : SG12
Martini Glass Crystal
£0.39 Product code : MG03
Martini Glass Small - Signature
£0.25 Product code : MG01
Martini Glass - Ypsilon - 3.4oz
£0.21 Product code : MG04
Sling Glass - Jazz
£0.30 Product code : SG04
Margarita Glass
£0.35 Product code : SG01
Pina Colada Glass - Capri
£0.35 Product code : SG03
Hurricane Glass
£0.35 Product code : SG02
Cocktail Glass - Stemmed
£0.39 Product code : SG17
Shot Glass Tall - Islande
£0.26 Product code : SG09
Shot Glass - Tequila
£0.26 Product code : SG13
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