We have round and rectangle tables for hire in different sizes.  For seating, a 6ft round will take 10-12 guests and a 5ft round 8-10.  If you're going for rectangles, then 3 people fit easily on 1 side of a 6ft trestle, and you can get 4 on.  The tables are bare wood so, in most circumstances, you will also need tablecloths. Go Pak tables are light and easy to manoeuvre, whereas wooden trestles feel more solid.  

Trestle Table 6ft by 30"
£5.95 Product code : FW50
Table Top Stainless Steel
£13.00 Product code : KHS04
Leg Extenders
£1.30 Product code : FW75
Rectangle Table 6ft x 2ft 6" GoPak
£6.50 Product code : FW60G
Trestle Table 6ft by 24"
£5.95 Product code : FW52
Trestle Table 4ft
£5.50 Product code : FW54
Trestle Table 2.5ft Square
£3.90 Product code : FW40
Wooden Table 6ft Round
£8.50 Product code : FW64
Wooden Table 5ft 6" Round
£8.50 Product code : FW64
Wooden Table 5ft Round
£6.50 Product code : FW62
Wooden Table 4ft Round
£6.20 Product code : FW61
Wooden Table 3ft Round
£5.20 Product code : FW60
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