Canape Bowls, Plates & Spoons

Canape Bowls, Plates & Spoons.  Bowl food and canapes need the right plate or dish for superb presentation and we have a selection of sizes and styles, together with canape forks and spoons.

Canapé Bowl Round Small White
£0.30 Product code : SW30W
Canapé Bowl Round Large White
£0.35 Product code : SW30WL
Canape Bowl Black
£0.40 Product code : SW30B
Canapé Bowl Round Coloured
£0.40 Product code : SW30
Canape Bowl Square Glass
£0.40 Product code : SW30SQG
Canapé Bowl Square Coloured
£0.30 Product code : SW30PL
Double Wall Espresso Glass Cup
£0.30 Product code : SG15
Curved Shot Glass Atoll
£0.30 Product code : SG12
Mini Bucket or Pail
£0.45 Product code : SW63
Mini Milk Bottle 250 mls
£0.40 Product code : SW65
Canape Glass Plate Clear
£0.25 Product code : SW07
Canape Glass Plate White
£0.25 Product code : SW07W
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