Mobile Bars

Mobile Bars.  We have plain stainless steel bars or perspex-fronted lit bars with remote control for the lighting.  We find that one bar copes well with 40-50 people, depending on the event and how the service operates. And if you’re hiring a bar, you’ll need some of our bar accessories as well. A professional bar blender for those frozen cocktails - no, the food processor won’t cope with the ice! - Boston shakers, muddlers and everything else you can think of for professional, relaxed bar service.

Mobile Bar Stainless Steel
£105.00 Product code : BR03
Perspex and Steel Bar - Lit
£120.00 Product code : BR01
Speed Rail for Mobile Bar
£3.30 Product code : BR07
Bar Condiment Tray
£1.30 Product code : BW31
Bar Mat
£0.70 Product code : BW30
Rubber Matting Drugget
£6.60 Product code : BW67
Bar Caddie
£0.70 Product code : BW29
MORE Barware
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