Chilling and Containers

The backroom boys of the bar industry. Rubbish, recycling and chilling - not the kind where you sit on the sofa - are just as important to get right as the front-of-house service. Wheels skips, dollies, trollies and cages make moving kit around easier and safer. And ice needs suitable containers - maybe an Igloo ice chest if you need to keep it frozen for a long period, or the industry standard ice bin aka a ‘grey’.

Igloo Ice Chest
£25.00 Product code : BW62CT
Ice Bin Grey Shallow
£2.00 Product code : BW61S
Wheeled Bottle Bin 70 cms Square
£6.00 Product code : BR64
Wheeled Bottle Bin 56 cms Square
£6.00 Product code : BR63
Wheeled Bottle Bin Rectangle
£8.00 Product code : BW63R
Slim Jim Rubbish Bin
£3.90 Product code : BW64
Slim Jim Rubbish Bin Dolly
£1.00 Product code : BW64D
Brute Rubbish Bin
£3.90 Product code : BW65
Ice Tub 69 litres
£2.50 Product code : BW60
Rubber Ice Tub 42 litres
£1.99 Product code : BW60R
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