Bar Tools & Consumables

Bar Tools & Consumables.  Sometimes it's the little things that make your hire complete. So when you're ordering your glassware, don't forget tongs and Boston shakers, trays and muddlers, napkins and straws.

Bar Blender
£19.50 Product code : BW50
Non-slip Bar Tray Small
£1.30 Product code : BW10S
Non-slip Bar Tray Medium
£1.55 Product code : BW10M
Non-slip Bar Tray Large
£1.79 Product code : BW10L
Silver Tray Medium Non-Slip Mat
£1.80 Product code : BW11M
Ice Cubed 12.5kg
£8.40 Product code : BC05
Ice Crushed 12.5kg
£9.70 Product code : BC05C
MORE Barware
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