The Workers’ Party. Social, not political.

22nd August 2015

Some things just defy time, fashion and logic.  The works party is a really popular employee benefit but, a bit like watching the Kardashians, not everyone owns up to enjoying it.  We moan about going, complain to friends and family about the cost of the taxi, say the food wasn’t up to much and who thought Friday the 13th was a good date but, it seems, underneath all that bah humbug, we’d miss it if it wasn’t there.

We want tospend a night with colleagues without thinking about the month-end returns, the ghastly state of our customer service or how hard it is to get through the day.  We’re curious about Bob’s wife or, if it’s employees only, glad of the ‘what happens at the works do, stays at the works do’ time honoured rule of engagement.  In the US, they’d rather, by a significant margin, have the cash instead but here we like to party.

Why exactly?  Well, if you’re fortunate enough to work somewhere well-heeled which spends up to HMRC’s limit (annual) of £150 a head for the bash, you probably get mojitos on tap, fab dining, a great band, balloon-twisters and fire-eaters and a chance you’d otherwise not get to go to a fab venue, plus the excuse for a new frock, suit or fancy dress.  But even if you’re at the struggling, small business, 10 people in a Harvester league, you want to go and you’re determined to enjoy yourself.  We salute all of you.  Rock on.