Stocktaking, street food and deep fat fryers.

4th February 2016

These are our February obsessions.  Stocktaking, like many essential tasks, is time-consuming, dull and deeply unglamourous.  But few admin chores are as satisfying as a neatly reconciled stock count, with a firm black tick in both the ‘count’ and ‘check count’ columns.

Street food is an interesting conundrum for us in that plates and eating implements will frequently be disposable, not our thing.  But adapting increasingly popular street food lines and themes to indoor or non-disposable events means chefs getting creative and our lovely range of bowls and small plates coming in to full bloom.  A particular favourite is our white canape bowl with a lustrous coloured inside – a bit like a Paul Smith suit with its gorgeous lining.  If guests are walking about, a bowl is an easy-to-hold alternative to a plate.  Pair it with robust tumblers and street food receptacles needn’t be disposable at all.

And fryers.  Mostly used for chips, but we know ours have been used to deep fry ice-cream, oysters and – yes – the odd Mars Bar.