Steel, slate, peach and Parma

22nd October 2015

It’s nectarine actually, but peach sounded better in the title.  Hard enough to get people to read blog posts so if there’s a nice bit of alliteration to be had, go with it, we say.

This nice snap from a baby welcome party held at the weekend shows our useful and stylish steel canape fork on the also useful, also stylish large slate.  We understand there was quite a discussion as to whether the canapes looked best  standing up like regimental soldiers or lying flat as in the picture.  Flat won, clearly.

It’s interesting for us to muse on why these well-designed, easy-to-use forks don’t get much hire traction in comparison to our other canape items.  Perhaps we don’t market them in the right way so no-one know we’ve got them.   Is the pricing slightly out?  Do caterers just not like them much, or simply prefer to stick to their usual items?  Perhaps they’re in a disadvantageous placing on the site, lower down in the view order or they might even be a bit frightening if you haven’t used them before.  So many variables.

But if you’re thinking about it, they look great, handle well and are cost-effective.  Please give them a whirl.