Resolute in sticking to your Resolutions?

13th January 2016

When embarking onto a new year, one can get a bit reflective and wistful for the year gone by. Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind and all that. We delivered to some great spots over the last month, places like the London Film MuseumShoreditch Studios and Proof at London Field Works.   December seems to bring out the extravagant sparkle in most people; the fizz is on hand and as always Arnold & Walker are at the ready with all your champagne glass hire needs.

As lovely as 2015 was, most of us are now cautiously optimistic about what 2016 will bring. The question most friends, colleagues and mortal enemies ask is, “have you made any resolutions?” Dreaded words for some, myself included. We all aspire to better ourselves but even small changes can be difficult to implement.  You could resolve to have more parties, hire more party things – and we’ll do the washing up.

As you might expect, January is the most popular time of year for signing up for gym memberships. It’s not surprising as most of us have over indulged over Christmas, “oh go on then, one more mince pie” or in my case three, but who’s counting? It feels good to do the body some good after roasted turkey, leftover turkey sandwiches, the turkey curry buffet  – where you’re told it’s a Tarts and Vicars party and so you arrive dressed as a Playboy bunny but at the last minute they decide to change it to non-fancy dress without telling you. It’s possible that I’m confusing real life with Bridget Jones’ Diary.  But whatever the type of party, sparkling glasses delivered to the door and taken away for washing up have to be a good idea.

Oh yes, back to healthy living in January. It is awfully difficult to live virtuously, for one thing it gets dark by 5pm and the day is off to a pretty gloomy start when we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. If you’re up before the birds have woken up it’s very challenging to embrace the day ahead. Until the weather warms up and the nights stops encroaching in at afternoon tea time, I say an an Irish coffee or a hot chocolate served in a latte glass is fair game.

Self improvement is a great thing, but we can decide to cut ourselves some slack this January and let either February or March to become the new health month. Go see the London Lumiere, have a brisk walk across the Millenium Bridge or live it up at the Old Truman Brewery.  After all, apparently only 20% of January gym joiners continue going after the second week of February – so perhaps we should all save ourselves some bother and not sign up in the first place?