Private Hiring. It’s time has come.

26th January 2017

Glass Cocktail Jug - No HandlesYou’d think, wouldn’t you, that it would be easy enough to keep a few glasses in a cupboard, dust them off and then wash up.  You’re not having all that many people over for your 40th / silver wedding / fundraising tea party / summer do.  Why would you hire?  Isn’t that a bit, you know, poncy?

No, it’s not.  It’s very sensible.  Take glasses.  You get the right glass – flute or coupe for champagne, martini for…martini, beautiful Burgundy if you need it, hi balls, tumblers – delivered clear and sparkling in sturdy crates for easy service.  At the end of your party, just empty the glasses and put them back in the crates.  Same with plates – scrape and return.  No storage problems, no washing up, more enjoyment.

Hiring serving equipment makes excellent sense as well.  Doing a large-ish buffet?  Chafing dishes are your saviour (and yes, we wash those up too).  The lovely glass jug above is perfect for mixing mocktails or cocktails, looks elegant and stylish – but you won’t need one very often so hiring is the answer.  If you’re doing bowl food or a large afternoon tea, most of us don’t have the right size bowls or multiple cake stands tucked away in our kitchen, so hiring what you need is a practical solution.

Hiring for private events has come of age.