Outside at Smaller Events

2nd March 2017

It’s the smokers, generally, that get hosts thinking about ‘oh, what if it’s cold?’.  The rest of us will stay indoors in the warm but smokers get turfed in to the night air, rain or not, generally – so they would have us believe – setting the world alight not only with their puff of choice but their repartee, dark, wry humour and sharp intelligent repartee.  The rest of us, whose addictions may be many or deadly but don’t include nicotine, get left fuddy-duddying in dry living rooms talking about school runs or the Bake Off.  Not for us the red glow tipped excitement of how to make proportional representation sexy or new moves in burlesque routines.

So the least you hosts can do is keep the smoking hotties warm.  Enter our infra red electric patio heaters.