New website. Making event hire even easier.

28th October 2015

We’ve soft launched our new website today.  No fanfare for a few days until we see how it goes now it’s live.  It’s been tested and tweaked but we need to see how real customers get on with it.

Our old site – soooo yesterday – didn’t function well on smartphones and wasn’t great on tablets either.  The new one is beautiful on both, and easy to read, use, order, enquire and browse.  Having moved premises this year, we’d like to have done the new site next year, budget-wise, but customer behaviour and Google’s changes to SEO early this year to divebomb non-mobile friendly sites brought our timetable forward.  And, as is often the case, we’re glad now that it did.  So, new website launched, improvements ongoing, and if we don’t get to the top of ‘champagne glass hire London’ in Google pretty soon, we’ll take another look at our metatags.