Moving. Home or business, it’s such a thing.

22nd October 2015

Come the turn of 2015, we took a really deep breath and decided to move to west London.  Bermondsey, we loved you dearly but in just a few years, warehouse space has gone from a steal to affordable to about right to ouch, and this spring for us it came to ‘sorry, got to leave’.

So we upped and offed to west London with some trepidation.  Would the Westway be more unkind than the Old Kent Road?  That was the biggest question and so far – touching a wood canape board as I type – we like the Westway.  The warehouse is in the final stages of getting beautifully organised, everything where it should be.  New comms systems are up and running, and most things are unpacked.  But like moving house, there are still a few boxes that get pushed about with everyone denying ownership but no-one quite able to bin the contents, some post that just can’t find us and a few phone calls from delivery drivers saying ‘where are you, oh yes, there, right by that big sign’.  The move was a mission and we’re so glad to be settled in with ‘where did you put that’ behind us.

We are just as well placed as before to serve all locations inside the M25 and delighted to start getting more customers in Berks, Bucks and LHR areas.

The coffee machine was the first thing to be unpacked so if you’d like to come and look at our range, we’ll pop a pod in the machine and take you round our shiny shelves and beautiful glassware.