Listen Up, It’s Linen Time

13th April 2018

Oh my goodness, if there is one area that drives our customers crazy,  it’s working out what size of linen they need.  We’re not talking napkins here, we’re talking cloths.  We think the cloth-size industry has got its standard sizes (rectangular only, round and square are fine) wrong but it would be the event equivalent of changing the qwerty keyboard to make a change.  So we’re all stuck with what we’ve got.  So what have we got?

First, while most of us went metric a goodly while ago, much of cloth and table measurements still operate in feet and inches.  Like we buy petrol in litres and measure road distances in miles.  So first, here’s a conversion chart from imperial to metric for the standard cloth sizes.

Dimensions in Imperial and Metric
inches 108 x 70 144 x 70 144 x 90  
cms 270 x 178 365 x 178 365 x 230  
inches 90” 108” 120” 132”
cms 230 270 300 330
inches 54 x 54 70 x 70 90 x 90  
cms 138 x 138 180 x 180 230 x 230  

Working in inches, then the round and square cloth-for-table is straightforward.  But for a standard table 6ft long x 2ft 6″ wide and 2ft 6″ high, there isn’t a perfect size which falls to the floor all the way round but doesn’t need a degree in fabric management to box it in.  Here’s the fit/fall guide:

Rectangle Tables (Imperial Measurements)
  Standard 6 ft Trestle (30” wide, 30” high)
Cloth 108 x 70 144 x 70 144 x 90  
Gap 12” all round Floor at short side

12” on long side

Box in all round  
  Hi Top 6ft Trestle (30” wide, 36” high inc extenders)
Cloth 144 x 90      
Gap Floor all round      
  4ft Trestle (30” wide, 30” high)
Cloth 108 x 70 90” square    
Gap Floor at short side

12” on long side

9” at short side

Floor on long side

  2ft 6” Square Table (All dimensions 30”)
Cloth 70” square 90” square    
Gap 10” all round Floor all round    

What we really need is a cloth 132″ x 90″.  You might think that is a great little gap in the market but lots of people must have thought that about the qwerty keyboard. Probably easier to change gravity than cloth sizing.