How to Be Chilled About Cooling

6th April 2017

You can cool drinks in a fridge, a behind-the-scenes receptacle, a display bucket or on the tabletop.  Our favourite is probably the beautiful glass single bottle chiller .  It is perfect for fizz: champagne, cava, prosecco or an English rose.  No so suitable for getting large quantities down to the right temperature.  For that, you’ll need an ice tub for back-of-house or perhaps a galvanised steel ice bucket or or classic champagne bucket for display to guests.

Tall fridges take 20-30 bottles of wine depending on how good you are at packing them in and whether they need to be on display of just get cold.  Under-the-counter size isbest for beer.  Try and get the hire delivered the day before your event so the fridge can get properly chilled before you fill it up.  Not always possible, that’s the nature of event hire.

Champagne Bucket Glass SingleGalvanised Steel Cooling BucketIce Tub 69 litres