How many glasses do I need?

22nd October 2015

Not as easy as you think.  You don’t want to hire too many because you’ve got to pay for them (good value though hire is, you don’t want unnecessaries) and store them, not lose them or break them or feel slightly back-footed because you’ve glassed-up for 300 but only got 80 guests.

Neither do you want too few.  Racing round washing up, putting fizz in a tumbler or a – can hardly bear to write this – paper cup or asking people to re-use dirty vessels is not the look you were aiming for.

A sit down meal or a stand up, time limited reception are relatively easy to gauge.  It’s the open-ended party with a buffet and relaxed approach to drinks service that raises the conundrums.  For this you need to consider:

1.  How many people are you expecting?
2.  How long is the event likely to last?
3.  Will things get more casual or rowdy as the night morphs on?  This is when a later-at-night ‘avoid breakages’ strategy is useful and the paper cups may have a place.
4.  What sort of service will it be?  Guests helping themselves, a bar tender or two, waiting staff walking round doing top-ups?  This affects the rate at which guest re-use their glasses.
5.  What mix of drinks?  Soft, wine, fizz, cocktails, beer?

There is no magic formula so please give us a call to discuss it if that would help.  Or you can go for 2 glasses per guest per hour for the first 3 hours and 1 per hour after that, split by the types of drink you intend to serve.