Why do private customers hire?

12th August 2015

There are 3 main reasons our private customers decide to hire:

1) quantity  2) cleaning  3) range.

1. Quantity.  Most of us don’t have 1,000 champagne flutes in a cupboard – or even 40 if it’s a smaller gathering you’re thinking about.  So really when you need more than a dozen or so, hiring is the sensible option.  Even if you think buying them looks attractive (“I might use them again”, “I can sell them after the event”, “They are on offer”) you have to think about storage and, taking us to point.

2. Cleaning.  Our prices include cleaning.  All you have to do is empty the glasses, scrape the plates and return in the boxes they came in.  Which is exactly what you will want to do at the end of your event.  The washing up is not what you want to remember.  You don’t want to endlessly say “no, of course not, I can manage, it won’t take long”, knowing it will take hours and you could really do with an army of help not just a few offers from the kind souls who are so relieved you decline them, or a couple of press-ganged family members.

3. Range.  This time it is starter plates and canape bowls.  Next time it’s something a bit bigger and a different set of cutlery.  Or you need a crystal glass instead of a classic, tumblers instead of hi-balls.  Or a pina colada glass for a themed event.  You really wouldn’t have room for them all and you won’t get round to using them again because next time, it will be something different.

You could consider disposables but you really don’t want to go there.  And they often aren’t cheaper.  So hire away.  If we can help, give us a call.