Has the sun set on the tequila sunrise?

22nd October 2015

It was sophisticated in the 80s, a staple of the 90s, still around in the 00s but maybe a bit passe now?  Colourful, yes; potent – depends who was making it; but not long enough to quench a thirst or stay the distance.

If neat tequila is the thing for your event , make sure you serve it in – what else but a tequila glass.  Solid base, tapered sides, just slightly different from your straight shot glass.   Or for a classic margarita, choose a margarita glass or a martini glass if you need something very versatile for different cocktails.  Our personal tequila-based cocktail favourite is a Hummingbird, but then we’ve got a bit of a lime fetish going on this month.  A Hummingbird looks stunning in a coupe.  Style with substanc