Why Is It So Hard To Find Alternatives For Plastic Straws?

1st November 2017

We would really like to stop stocking plastic straws, but we do need to offer customers an alternative.  We just need long straws in clear (or white) and black, and black sip straws.  Paper alternatives all seem to be striped and we have added a few of those but they don’t suit every event.  The black and white stripe ones we’ve added are a great look but we can only find them in one size.  Bio-degradable straws come in green.  We have tracked down a black paper alternative but they are 10 times – yes, 10 times – the price of plastic.  We were prepared for a price hike and hoped to persuade customers the environmental benefits are worth it, but at 10x the price, we’re not confident we’d win that argument.  The price differential in paper vs. plastic plates is 2-3 times, so what is it with straws?

So, come on someone.  Manufacture some recyclable / compostable straws that won’t choke turtles at a price that won’t choke consumers.