Glasses for courses

9th November 2015

We’re sometimes surprised at the things that people don’t hire as much as we think they should.  Clearly, we need to consider how we promote certain stock so browsers and customers know what we’ve got and what the alternatives are – if you just want to quickly book your usual order of classic champagne glasses, it isn’t always helpful to be distracted by coupes.  It’s a balance to get this right: not to overload with choices or make things confusing, not to take up customers’ time on a ‘look what we’ve got’ ego trip versus making sure new lines or different options are easy to find and well-communicated.

So what do we love that doesn’t get enough hire time?  The main category is probably different types of wine glass. Pictured here is the beautiful Burgundy glass, a glorious shape and look for red wines (not just Burgundy, we’d say), some of which are in residence in Soho for November.  and if that is just a bit bold for your event, then our large red wine glass looks really stylish, especially if you use the classic red wine glass for serving white as they do at