Glass Hire v Glass Loan

13th April 2016

Why pay for hire when you can sometimes get glasses free on loan from your wine supplier?

First, washing up.  All our prices include cleaning and most event organisers or their helpers don’t want to wash up. It’s tedious at the end of a good do, and if the do didn’t go well, who wants to hang about washing up afterwards, mulling over what to do better next time?    Many venues lack the facilities to wash up or what’s available is cramped and tricky.  Or there’s a queue/jostle with the kitchen.  And – important but often overlooked – doing your own washing up increases the likelihood of breakages which do need to be paid for.  So washing up is a drag.

Range and style.  Clouded, stumpy glassware is not necessarily the look you want but is often the look that comes with free glassware.  And if you want something other than a standard wine glass, slim jim or flute, you’ll struggle. Sparkly, crisp glasses the right size and shape are such a pleasure.

Glass hire is not expensive.  Especially when you consider the hassle of getting, cleaning and returning loan glassware.

And if you’re considering using disposables – please, don’t get us started!