Gin Glass Hire

15th January 2016



Gin is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment, from infusions to flavoured liqueurs, gin is headlining bar menus all over London. No longer Mother’s Ruin, distilleries like Sipsmith are getting people excited about spirits again.

Since gin recipes are getting more playful, why not get a bit experimental with what you drink it from? Sure, a hi ball like the Endessa pictured is great but a copper mug offers something a little different, less likelihood of breakage for one thing. If you’re having a prohibition era party, a G and T served in a cup and saucer will instantly transport you and your guests into a 1920s speakeasy – this illusion will prove especially effective if you’ve kept yourself topped up all night from a booze filled glass teapot. Whatever you like to swig your gin from, Arnold and Walker has got glasses for hire to inspire you.

In keeping with the oh so subtle theme of this post, Hendricks’ Gin has used their website designers talents for the ultimate benevolent public service, a recipe roulette wheel which they’re dubbing the Treasury of the Tipples. Based on the time of day (time for tea), expertise level (novice), dry to sweetness ratio (not too sweet not too dry) as well the mood you’re in (discombobulous), it can select the perfect gin based recipe for you. Based on this highly scientific process, it’s unequivocally proven that I’m currently in the mood for a Flora Dora.

For the most part, my cocktail making skills fall well below the amateur level, I can just about manage pouring two liquids on top of the other with a quick stir for good measure. In these instances, I’m quite partial to a Gin and Bitter Lemon with a wedge of lime, and for a glass? I would opt for a Vinophil tumbler, it is simply elegant and as such hopefully guests will view a more minimalist cocktail in the same light.

What’s your poison? Are you all aboard the gin train? (safely operated by teetotallers, of course) or is it on your blacklist and never to be spoken of again? Whatever your feelings on gin, I hope we can all agree that this advert is the best.