Champagne Towers – You Can DIY, But Should You?

14th February 2017

What you don’t want is a champagne tower that resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa in any way at all.  You could use plastic, it might even be prudent, but in that case, you probably need to read a blog on a plastics website.  We hire glass, beautiful glass and we don’t really do plastic much.  Or at all for glasses.

Champagne towers are generally square, not round.  Numbers are easy:  for 200 people you need 14 crates of our Coupes, pictured above.  That is 210 glasses but you may need a few spares and anyway they come in crates of 15 and 195 won’t be enough.  Then you need 8 layers, each layer 1 glass per edge shorter than the one before.  (8×8)+(7×7)+(6×6)+(5×5)+(4×4)+(3×3)+(2×2)+1 for a total of 204 glasses in your tower.  The coupes have a neat little edge to help with stacking and have done this malarky a few times before so they know what they are about.

Hire cost including cleaning for these would be £52.50 plus VAT and delivery, which depends on location – typically £45 return.

Building the champagne tower is the easier bit BUT – if you need it towards the end of an event, will you either be able to build it yourself close to lift off, or have you somewhere safe it can stand while the party gets underway?  Pouring the champagne is the tricky part and needs nerve, a steady hand and a sharp focus.  So you can DIY but maybe get a professional bar person.  And please don’t just take our advice to try this one at home!