Why are Chafing Dishes so Under-appreciated?

15th March 2017

electric chafing dishIn the long list of global, domestic and local crises, the social status of chafing dishes isn’t going to make it on to anyone’s worry list.  Still, we’re flying a flag for them.  People almost hire them reluctantly, like you shouldn’t need a chafing dish if you are a proper cook or chef, having a proper event.  Often, there’s a slight tinge of embarrassment when they appear on an order.  But they are so useful!  Appearance-wise, they’re not going to give crystal glassware a run for its money but then your average crystal glass doesn’t keep a meal for 40 people hot, does it?

Traditional chafing dishes – actually, maybe it’s the name that puts people off, who likes a word like ‘chafing’ – are heated by gel pods, and electric ones just plug in to a standard socket.  The heat warms a bath of water and the food is kept at serving temperature.  Perfect for waiter or self service.  So if you’re running a buffet, give these kitchenware Cinderellas a chance to join the party.