Pancakes and the Year of the Monkey

12th February 2016




We’re now a few days in to the year of the Monkey, more specifically the Fire Monkey whose traits include ambition, an adventurous spirit and irritability – which all sounds about right for February, especially the irritable part. In honour of the Chinese New Year, The Magical Lantern Festival is currently making its debut in the UK at Chiswick House & Gardens. Light sculptures of animals, plant life and Chinese Mythological creatures are all on display over the 65 acres grounds.

February despite being the shortest month can sometimes feel endless. Though it has its bright spots, like Valentine’s Day especially if you’re loved up. However, if you’re single it seems like as good an excuse as any to buy a discounted selection box of chocolates on the 15th and treat yourself to a large glass of wine.

For couples and singles alike the highlight of February 2016 has to be pancake day and although it has been and gone, it is not forgotten. Just like telling your loved ones how you feel doesn’t have to be relegated to Valentine’s Day, showing crepes how you feel about them is not strictly for Pancake Day. If you want to perfect your batter and technique in preparation for next year’s Pancake Day, we have hobs and frying pans to help you master flipping the flat delicacy.



Gin Glass Hire

15th January 2016



Gin is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment, from infusions to flavoured liqueurs, gin is headlining bar menus all over London. No longer Mother’s Ruin, distilleries like Sipsmith are getting people excited about spirits again.

Since gin recipes are getting more playful, why not get a bit experimental with what you drink it from? Sure, a hi ball like the Endessa pictured is great but a copper mug offers something a little different, less likelihood of breakage for one thing. If you’re having a prohibition era party, a G and T served in a cup and saucer will instantly transport you and your guests into a 1920s speakeasy – this illusion will prove especially effective if you’ve kept yourself topped up all night from a booze filled glass teapot. Whatever you like to swig your gin from, Arnold and Walker has got glasses for hire to inspire you.

In keeping with the oh so subtle theme of this post, Hendricks’ Gin has used their website designers talents for the ultimate benevolent public service, a recipe roulette wheel which they’re dubbing the Treasury of the Tipples. Based on the time of day (time for tea), expertise level (novice), dry to sweetness ratio (not too sweet not too dry) as well the mood you’re in (discombobulous), it can select the perfect gin based recipe for you. Based on this highly scientific process, it’s unequivocally proven that I’m currently in the mood for a Flora Dora.

For the most part, my cocktail making skills fall well below the amateur level, I can just about manage pouring two liquids on top of the other with a quick stir for good measure. In these instances, I’m quite partial to a Gin and Bitter Lemon with a wedge of lime, and for a glass? I would opt for a Vinophil tumbler, it is simply elegant and as such hopefully guests will view a more minimalist cocktail in the same light.

What’s your poison? Are you all aboard the gin train? (safely operated by teetotallers, of course) or is it on your blacklist and never to be spoken of again? Whatever your feelings on gin, I hope we can all agree that this advert is the best.



Resolute in sticking to your Resolutions?

13th January 2016

When embarking onto a new year, one can get a bit reflective and wistful for the year gone by. Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind and all that. We delivered to some great spots over the last month, places like the London Film MuseumShoreditch Studios and Proof at London Field Works.   December seems to bring out the extravagant sparkle in most people; the fizz is on hand and as always Arnold & Walker are at the ready with all your champagne glass hire needs.

As lovely as 2015 was, most of us are now cautiously optimistic about what 2016 will bring. The question most friends, colleagues and mortal enemies ask is, “have you made any resolutions?” Dreaded words for some, myself included. We all aspire to better ourselves but even small changes can be difficult to implement.  You could resolve to have more parties, hire more party things – and we’ll do the washing up.

As you might expect, January is the most popular time of year for signing up for gym memberships. It’s not surprising as most of us have over indulged over Christmas, “oh go on then, one more mince pie” or in my case three, but who’s counting? It feels good to do the body some good after roasted turkey, leftover turkey sandwiches, the turkey curry buffet  – where you’re told it’s a Tarts and Vicars party and so you arrive dressed as a Playboy bunny but at the last minute they decide to change it to non-fancy dress without telling you. It’s possible that I’m confusing real life with Bridget Jones’ Diary.  But whatever the type of party, sparkling glasses delivered to the door and taken away for washing up have to be a good idea.

Oh yes, back to healthy living in January. It is awfully difficult to live virtuously, for one thing it gets dark by 5pm and the day is off to a pretty gloomy start when we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning. If you’re up before the birds have woken up it’s very challenging to embrace the day ahead. Until the weather warms up and the nights stops encroaching in at afternoon tea time, I say an an Irish coffee or a hot chocolate served in a latte glass is fair game.

Self improvement is a great thing, but we can decide to cut ourselves some slack this January and let either February or March to become the new health month. Go see the London Lumiere, have a brisk walk across the Millenium Bridge or live it up at the Old Truman Brewery.  After all, apparently only 20% of January gym joiners continue going after the second week of February – so perhaps we should all save ourselves some bother and not sign up in the first place?

Glasses for courses

9th November 2015

We’re sometimes surprised at the things that people don’t hire as much as we think they should.  Clearly, we need to consider how we promote certain stock so browsers and customers know what we’ve got and what the alternatives are – if you just want to quickly book your usual order of classic champagne glasses, it isn’t always helpful to be distracted by coupes.  It’s a balance to get this right: not to overload with choices or make things confusing, not to take up customers’ time on a ‘look what we’ve got’ ego trip versus making sure new lines or different options are easy to find and well-communicated.

So what do we love that doesn’t get enough hire time?  The main category is probably different types of wine glass. Pictured here is the beautiful Burgundy glass, a glorious shape and look for red wines (not just Burgundy, we’d say), some of which are in residence in Soho for November.  and if that is just a bit bold for your event, then our large red wine glass looks really stylish, especially if you use the classic red wine glass for serving white as they do at


New website. Making event hire even easier.

28th October 2015

We’ve soft launched our new website today.  No fanfare for a few days until we see how it goes now it’s live.  It’s been tested and tweaked but we need to see how real customers get on with it.

Our old site – soooo yesterday – didn’t function well on smartphones and wasn’t great on tablets either.  The new one is beautiful on both, and easy to read, use, order, enquire and browse.  Having moved premises this year, we’d like to have done the new site next year, budget-wise, but customer behaviour and Google’s changes to SEO early this year to divebomb non-mobile friendly sites brought our timetable forward.  And, as is often the case, we’re glad now that it did.  So, new website launched, improvements ongoing, and if we don’t get to the top of ‘champagne glass hire London’ in Google pretty soon, we’ll take another look at our metatags.


Espresso in a builder’s mug?

22nd October 2015

It’s not like we’re all coveting Downton Abbey style banks of cutlery and crockery.  8 different plates for breakfast and fish knives don’t figure on most people’s to-die-for list. Maybe a fish knife can’t cut steak but it’s not as if an ordinary knife can’t cut flaky old fish.   But when it comes to receptacles and implements, there are occasions when getting it right really matters.

Take size.  An espresso in a builder’s tea mug?  It’s just wrong.  And you really can’t fit a quart into a pint pot, so a full fat tall latte needs a latte glass not a dainty tea cup.  Sometimes, specialness can overcome anything; on the overnight sleeper from Euston to the Highlands, prosecco from a toothmug (obviously all trace of toothpaste or denture fixture scrubbed clean) is so romantic.  Or at the end of a really long night, green tea in a wine glass is just what you need.  And from a mini bar, well, no receptacle needed because it cost so much per millilitre you want it straight from the plastic bottle into your blood stream with no chance of leaving any dregs in an unnecessary 3rd party receptacle.  But for lots of occasions, the right vehicle to convey liquid and food from table to mouth makes the day.  Or evening.

Think about it for a moment.  Champagne in a wine glass or a stubby, short-stemmed thing?  Tastes fine, but not glorious.  Canapes offered round on a standard dinner plate?  OK, practical, easy, but just not what canapes are about – you might as well have gone to Marks and cut some sandwiches into triangles, not created mini figs with proscuttio on sourdough. 

So mostly, everyday things and compromises are just fine.  Nothing wrong with cereal in a bowl (a mug if you’re camping or haven’t washed up this week), a mish mash of knives and forks, and on a Friday night a large glass of sauvignon straight from bottle to teacup.  But when you want the extra mile from food and drink, a beautiful glass and a gorgeously displayed petite amuse bouche really work the number.

At an event hire company in west London

22nd June 2015

The very welcome sound of an ice cream van came around at lunchtime to Walmgate Road in Perivale UB6.   An orderly queue was formed behind our neighbours in metalcraft and plumbing.   These were emergency ice creams, so no beautiful plate or serving equipment was needed – just a speedy approach to stop the drips all over the desks.

For those events where you do want to present ice cream beautifully, whether in cones, gorgeous bowls with ice cream colour insides and a neat spoon or a plain white plate – rectangle maybe for a change – we have what you need.

Hot weather catering and event hire brings its own special challenges; top of these is keeping ice ice-cold.  An igloo is mega-efficient at this and will give 48 hours even in very high temperatures.