Canapes May Not Be The New Black, But They Remain Stylish and Delicious

21st April 2017

The thing about canapes is that they are a soft target for the unconvinced.  Some of us could happily eat 10 canapes and not bother with a main.  Maybe a light starter and a dessert if really peckish but the canapes are the best bit.  Cones, blinis, morsels on a spoon, a shot of soup or something lovely on a skewer – who needs meat and 2 veg.  Unbelievers see canapes as fiddly, a distraction from the main event, a bit of food tomfoolery for the finnicky and faddy.  And they do take time to make, certainly a lot longer in terms of hours per square centimetre than a piece of fish and a few chips.  But to those chefs who create and produce these gorgeous bites, we salute your endeavours.  Canapé Cone Tray Perspex White 72