Plates, slates and canape bowls

18th August 2015

Mostly, we find ourselves in agreement with @WeWantPlates.  We don’t hire flat caps to serve bread in or shovels for a full English and, no surprise really, we haven’t ever been asked for these items.  Generally, customers put food on plates and in bowls, though apparently cake on table tennis bats is big in Spain and – who’d have thought it – bread in slippers in Switzerland.

The right serving dish for food is important, though.  Mini pails for chips are deservedly popular, keeping chips hot, easy to eat and ready for dipping into mayo or salsa.  Canape bowls can be much easier to manage for guests on the move than a plate, and slates work really well for mezzes and tapas – not to eat directly from, the scrape is tooooo much.

Taste is the most important thing but presentation is a close second.  So no sandwiches on roof tiles or potato croquettes in trainers please.  If in doubt, a plain white plate is your best receptacle.