Chocolate martini. With lager. Of course.

18th August 2015

We do love it when our glasses get used for something unusual at an event.

Here we have our signature martini glasses with Celia lager’s out-of-the-ordinary combination of chocolate, lager and vodka, complete with white chocolate decoration.  Not necessarily your everyday martini of choice, but an excellent showcase for the versatility of all the ingredients and our glasses.  @Celialager, winner of ‘Best Gluten Free Lager’, made this enticing combination for a recent event in London.

Photo by Dennis Keyes photography

Our smaller ‘Signature’ martini glasses are perfect for tasters.  And if you do need something even dinkier, bijou, barely there, then there is the 3.5oz Ypsilon for just a couple of mouthfuls of martini.

Celia Lager offered dark chocolate macaroons to complement their drinks on the night, although more conventional events would probably stick with canapes or crisps.   Beautiful presentation and very happy guests.