Hire with us. Whatever you need, we’ve probably got it, from classic white plates and shiny cutlery to beautiful double-walled espresso glasses and canapé slates. We’re friendly and knowledgable and can help you sort out everything you need for your event. We aim to provide a great range of stock, straightforward terms of business and excellent customer service from our base in West London.

If you know what you want, go ahead and book online but if it’s a bit more complicated, then give us a call (020 7231 4713 8.30-5.30 M-F, 9-12 Saturday) or send us an enquiry. Our prices include cleaning – there’s no 25% extra added on at the end that you weren’t expecting.

We’re based in West London, just behind the Hoover building, 3 minutes off the A40.  We deliver daily all over London, inside the M25 and along the M4 and M40 corridors. If your event is further afield, we can do that too with a bit of planning. In fact, we can do most things event-related with a bit of planning.

Arnold and Walker is innovative and we look out for what’s new, what’s leading the trend in event ware. Special request? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. We look forward to hearing from you.


When thinking about a name for our business we thought a lot about who and what inspired us. We thought a lot about the sort of business we wanted to be and the sort of mark we wanted to leave. We thought a lot about the event hire industry, about our clients and our potential clients and how they deserved more – how they deserved a supplier, a partner even, that took their event as seriously as they did, as seriously as if it was our own. We thought about how we would feel if we were running a book launch, a product launch, a gallery opening, a bar mitzvah, a wedding, a corporate event and we thought about the sort of company that we’d want helping with arrangements and being responsible for glassware, kitchenware and essential items.

That’s what inspired us. To be a supplier you could trust. To be a supplier you could depend on. To be a supplier that you’d want on your team with the comfort and certainty that we’d do our bit right.

And around the same time, we stumbled upon a guy. A guy called Arnold, Arnold Walker in fact. You see Arnold was kind of a special guy. Arnold Edgar Walker, also known as “Blondie” was a British fighter pilot in World War II. Not just any fighter pilot though, Arnold flew 169 sorties, was shot down three times, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross twice. In his RAF career he was credited as showing the greatest determination throughout and his example in the face of the adversity was described as inspiring.

Discharged from the RAF when the war ended, Arnold used his mind and determination to setup a building company, Joseph Walker & Son. He built more than 2,000 council houses and 1,000 private houses, mostly near his native Halifax. He continued to build houses in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire for the next half century. He helped his community, becoming the Liberal councillor for Warley Ward in Halifax during the early 1950s. Arnold wasn’t just determined in business, he was also known to be a fierce competitor in sport. He played golf off a handicap of four, was captain of West End Golf Club and also made an honorary member of The Royal Perth Golf Club. He skied virtually every year in Kitzbühel from 1948 right up until he was 80 years old. And Arnold took his vigor and tenacity into his personal life as well – he loved fast cars, fast skiing and women – he married three times.

So Arnold inspired us. He worked hard in the face of adversity. He took challenges in his stride. He pursued every aspect of his business life with passion and vigor. And he knew how to party! Those are the values that we want for our business and that’s why we respectfully named our business after him. His tenacity is our inspiration. And the & sign? Well, it just makes it look lovely doesn’t it? And who doesn’t want an event that looks lovely?

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